PSA: ALDI’s Slinging 1.5L Magnums Of Bubbly For Under $20 This Silly Season

ALDI, can we just say, we bloody love you.

It’s not because you stock the most underrated, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate on earth (hello Choceur Hazelnut Crème).

It’s not because your TV ads are actually somehow entertaining.

Hell, it’s not even ‘cos your $8 Rosé was voted best in the world earlier this year.

It’s because you’ve just announced you’re selling 1.5 litre bottles of French bubbly for a freaking steal this silly season.

From tomorrow (November 1st) onwards, the German supermarket giant will be selling Brut D’Argent Ice Sparkling Chardonnay 2014 1.5L and Brut D’Argent Ice Sparkling Pinot Noir 2015 1.5L for just $19.99.

Just imagine turning up to your family’s Christmas Day luncheon with one of these bad boys. Has there ever been a better way to distract your Aunt Susan from her invasive questions about your non-existent love life?

it’s PINK for crying out loud

There’s roughly 10 glasses worth of wine in a 1.5L magnum. Do some simple math and you’ll find that equates to a measly $1.99 per glass. Absolutely ludicrous.

ALDI Liquor is available in selected ALDI stores in NSW, ACT, VIC and WA, until stocks last.