After how this year has panned out globally, nationally, whatever-ly, we’re all in need of a drink. So just like they always have, the good people at Aldi have stepped up big time with the introduction of a goddamn six litre bottle of prosecco for Christmas. 

The ginormous Methuselah bottle of Giotti Spumante Prosecco is big enough to fill 64 glasses which should save you a couple of trips to The Bottle-O. It also equates to about eight bottles of normal-sized prosecco so again, there’s plenty to go around.

At the current moment the German supermarket giant has only chucked London a release date. The bottle will launch on their online stores come November 14 so tell your mates currently taking a British gap year/foreign work year/etc. to mark it on the calendar.

The bottle will be sold for £79.99 which is about 150 bucks AUD, according to Independent

For us, well nothing’s set in stone although a spokesperson for Aldi did say a couple of our own supersized goodies are definitely on their way.

Per KISS 1065the spokesperson said:

“ALDI are pleased to announce a number of exciting larger format liquor products launching over the festive season including Prosecco, Sparkling, Rose and Red 1.5L Magnums. 

“Our customers can keep an eye out in catalogue and online for further details throughout October-December.” 

Will we be given the chance to score a tipsy selfie with a six litre bottle of prosecco? Here’s bloody hoping.

Last year we copped a similar deal which involved a line of 1.5 litre bottles of Magnums from Aldi for Christmas. This festive season, we might just have a little bit more to play with.

In short:

  • Supersized Prosecco, Sparking, Rose, and Red 1.5L Magnums of bubbly to name a few.
  • Keep an eye on Aldi in and between October and December.
Image: The Great Gatsby