If you’ve not already put your hand up to be the Bringer of Bulk Booze to any Christmas dinner/lunch/soirée/party you’ve double-booked yourself for this month, let your group chat and/or family Whatsapp know ASAP because ALDI is doing a hell of a deal on monster magnums of wine. Right in front of the silly season. Right in front of my salad.

For the uninitiated, a magnum of wine is a whole-ass 1.5 litres of plonk, and always looks a bit bloody fancy when you whisk it out of the fridge and set it in the middle of the dinner table. Magnums are essentially a fancy way of bringing a small goon bag’s worth of wine to the table without looking like trash and everyone being reminded why we simply cannot have nice things.

Plus a comically large bottle of wine lets you lean into a faux-opulence that make you feel a little bit fancy, and that you can totally do a Cristal lifestyle on a Passion Pop budget if you really want to…kinda.

The big boy bottles are hitting the Special Buys from Wednesday December 11, and come in both a prosecco for $24.99 and a French rosé for $17.99. Sure beats cleaning out your wallet for a six-pack of bubbles which is nearly not as impressive as a couple of massive magnums tbh.

And if you want to try your hand a sabrage (when you open a bottle of bubbly with a sword or any large blade), at least you won’t feel bad about spilling a bunch of very pricey plonk.


Image: Getty Images / NBC