GET THE FANCY GLASSES: A $7 Bottle Of Aldi Plonk Just Won Gold At An Aussie Wine Comp


Nothing enthuses me more than the Aldi wine section. Except maybe the Aldi cheese section – the other night my friend stole her housemate’s cheese and it turned out to be a) the best goddamn blue I’ve had in my life and b) from Aldi. I approved of the stealing since she lives with an ex of mine and it was probably his.

[jwplayer va98lbOs]

Aldi are known for scoring top gongs for wines that cost less than your school lunch order, and yep – it’s bloody happened again.

At the Sydney International Wine Competition, their Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne made the Top 100. It’s $21.99.

Their One Road Goulburn & King Valley Cabernet Merlot & A.C. Byrne & Co Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 2018, $6.99 and $9.99 respectively, also scored Blue Gold gongs in the same comp.

The Aldi South Point Estate Rose also took out the People’s Picks Award.

But the absolute clanger is the One Road Shiraz, which picked up GOLD – the top spot – in an entire Shiraz competition, The Great Shiraz Challenge.

All these wines are available at Aldi right now, so why don’t you do what I’m absolutely doing tonight – go buy 3 bottles and a shit-tonne of cheese, then eat it all yourself while crying in a corner of a highly air-conditioned room. Vibes or what.