Horror In Italy As 30,000 Litres Of Prosecco Spilled After Silo Explosion

Grip your bottles a little tighter tonight, fellow pisspots, and mourn the loss of tens of thousands of litres of prosecco, spilled to the floor in Italy in absolute grizzly scenes.

[jwplayer CkP9AWwW]

As much as 30,000 litres of Mum’s bubbly good time juice has been lost at an Italian winery after a fermentation tank “explosion” caused it to overflow, creating a fountain of bubbly wine that workers could do naught but stare at in abject horror.

The horrific scenes, captured on camera, occurred at the Conegliano Veneto winery in northern Italy. According to local reports, human error caused the silo to be filled far beyond its capacity, at which point it “virtually exploded,” turning into the sparkling wine fountain of your wildest dreams and darkest nightmares.

Be warned, this footage is graphic.

Dear god the sound. The horror. The humanity.

Fortunately, the spillage is not expected to affect production of the Sunday afternoon’s favourite drink, thanks to a bigger-than-usual harvest in Europe throughout the current season; the Italian wine region is expected to produce roughly 50 million more bottles than last year’s yield.

Still, a tragedy remains a tragedy. And for those chasing a cheeky Aperol Spritz this evening, now might be the time to pause and reflect on those precious prosecco bubbles lost.

Heroes. Every single one of them.