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As we trudge back to work after the long weekend, it’s only natural that you’re probably already planning your next vacay with an extra energised burst of zeal. If you’re anything like me, you may even have your next two holidays pre-planned (money be damned, I’m scoping out a 2027 trip to Nepal already).

Keen for the relaxation vibes to continue? Trying to pretend like if you stare far enough into the distant corner of your office that it’ll somehow transform into a lush oasis of palm trees and crystal blue waters, maybe even a hot pool attendant? Just me?

Well look, if you’re feeling those vibes, you might wanna consider having a cheeky lil’ peek at the extravaganza that is The Yacht Week. Heard of it before? I bet – the Mediterranean trip is pretty big on the Instagram scene and for damn good reason.

Seriously, look at that. Bloody beautiful, if you ask me. Seven blissful days of sailing in a flotilla of yachts, listening to some epic live music from the likes of Mark Knight, Weiss, Offiah, Monki and Mele on a literal FLOATING STAGE. That’s right, they’re all on the Buzz Boat, just bobbing along with you. Yes please and thank you very much.

Problem is, we’re betting some of those images have led you to believe some common misconceptions about the event. Luckily for you, we’re all about helping a pal out here. We’ve addressed these myths so you can book another relaxation trip before you get settled into your morning meeting.

returning to work: a self portrait

Myth 1: It’s bougie as heck

If there’s one thing that ‘grammers know how to do, it’s take a damn good picture. And honestly, it’s super easy to when you’re sailing away during The Yacht Week, because it’s frankly stunning and everywhere you turn there’s a selfie backdrop waiting to happen.

But it’s not just reserved for those of us who ooze luxury and live an extravagant life with teeny puppies in handbags and celebs on speed dial. It’s a legit vacay for everyone even if you’re usually more keen on backpacking, so you can 100% get in on the action without owning six investment properties or exclusively wearing leopard print designer duds.

Myth 2: It’s super exxy

I don’t know about you, but there’s a pretty hefty connotation between the word ‘yacht’ and ‘rich’. We get it, if someone says to me that they own a yacht, it’s tantamount to saying, “I wipe with $50 bills and never in my life have I had to eat mi goreng every night for a month while waiting for pay day”.

Except The Yacht Week isn’t gonna cost you an arm, leg and kidney if you do it right. Treat yo’ self bb – we’re talking approx. $730 per person for a whole WEEK of luxe yachting, festival vibes and live music. Plus there are options for cabin bookings and single spot booking so you can ease up on the costs even more. That’s basically better than a week of accommodation in Sydney, so it’s a win all round.

Myth 3: It’s party central

It may look like a hectic party, but it’s not all about staying up all hours of the night if that’s not your scene. Yes, if you’re down for a bev and a boogie, you’ll find that for sure – but if you’re looking for more of a chill vibe, don’t rule it out just yet. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Let the other yachts go nuts – all you have to do is relax in the sun with tunes and friends.

You’ll still be able to have a 10/10 time regardless of whether you want to get wild or not. Whether you want seven days of secret swim stops or a week of hiking and adventure is up to you – and hey, you could probably even bring that book you’ve been talking about reading for the last six years or so but never actually got around to (we see you m8).

So look, if you wanna stay at home and work instead of living it up on a yacht purely because your stubborn brain can’t accept that maaaaybe you were wrong about these lil’ myths, you do you.

Just don’t be too bummed out when you see your pals posting utterly fire Insta snaps from the middle of the Mediterranean while you’re stapling papers at your desk.


Image: Instagram / @theyachtweek