Rebel Wilson Shared More Pics Of Her Rich BF & If Yr Wondering Yes, He’s Still Hot On A Yacht

Jacob Busch Rebel Wilson Bf

Last week, Rebel Wilson (40) went Insta official with her filthy rich Monaco daddy Jacob Busch (29). Today, they’re posting pics at a fancy Monaco soirée and on Busch’s superyacht, so yeah, I’m totally not jealous at all, thanks for asking.

The two became IG official when Wilson posted piccies of them heading off to the Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala in Monaco, alongside Helen Mirren and Kate Beckinsale. Now, it looks like they’ve had a splendid time at the event, with a full day of weightlifting Grey Goose on a superyacht included.

“Hey guys, I’d just like to show you my new workout routine,” Rebel said in a video on her own Insta, “I call this the Monaco routine… this is just 4.5 litres of vodka.”

She’s truly living the life we’d all like to.

Between the two, there have been some impossibly attractive new photos of the happy couple, including one or two spicy pics of Busch just being hot. Some have since been deleted off Wilson’s Insta story.

Check out a bunch of cute new pics below.

Jacob Busch
Woof. Source: Instagram

This pic called me poor and ugly in fifty different languages, and I am at peace with that.

Jacob Busch
Yep, I am very much poor. Source: Instagram

Oh to be a lounge chair on a superyacht at that very moment.

Rebel Wilson Jacob Busch
This gives me spy movie vibes. Source: Instagram

You have to be honest, the two look like such a power couple and I am here for it.

Jacob Busch Rebel Wilson
Dunno about the shoes, but go off, king. Source: Instagram
Deleted Superyacht Pic
This pic has since been deleted from Wilson’s IG. Source: Instagram

These last two pics are the epitome of launching your relationship on social media.

Superyacht Pic
I can kinda see why this one was deleted too, as cute as it is. Source: Instagram.

Still not too sure who the fuck Jacob Busch is and what attractive man tree he fell out of? We dug around and gussied up this little explainer for you here. 

To give a brief summary, he is essentially a member of the beer-brewing Anhueser-Busch dynasty, and is worth about $190 million, which can buy a whole lot of Tiny Teddies packets from Woolies.

Time to watch Rebel Wilson weightlift vodka on a yacht in my PJs.