PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with The Whitsundays to rejuvenate you.

We’ve truly paid our dues over the last year-and-a-half and we all demand a summer treat. Nay, we deserve a little treat.

Thankfully, a group of punters out there will receive just that in the form of a picturesque island holiday so start crossing those fingers and toes, one of you could soon be the absolute deadset legend among legends.


The Whitsundays is offering lucky Aussies the opportunity for a winner and 19 of their closest mates to sail around 74 island wonders in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef for two nights and three days on a literal yacht (borders and lockdowns pending, in which case, you can hold onto it and cash it in when we’ve been given the all-clear).

Image: Benjamin Crisp

While you’re in The Whitsundays, you can expect crystal clear blue waters, beautiful coastal beaches, colourful coral reefs, extraordinary marine life and that gorgeous sun. The perfect holiday haven for anyone wanting to explore the eastern coast and feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach. Plus, there are endless tropical islands to visit, all in the heart of the Reef.

Now for the prize itself: the Ultimate Party Package kicks off at Coral Sea Marina South Village, Airlie Beach in Queensland, where you and your 19 mates will board your own, private Siska IV yacht courtesy of Explore Whitsundays. From there, it’s two nights and three days of sun, sea, sand, sailing and utter serenity where you can do as much or as little as you like. It’s worth mentioning that it’s BYO grog, so if you wanna kick back on the yacht with an esky full of bevs, go nuts.

Let the crew look after you as they prepare your meals, man the helm, hoist the sails and guide you through The Whitsundays as you soak it all in. Bring a physical and mental camera, this is genuinely an experience you will treasure forever and those sunsets won’t snap themselves. Drop the anchor in a secluded cove, take a dip or snorkel over fringing reefs with myriads of colourful fish and corals or discover Whitehaven Beach, which is literally the best beach in the world (according to Trip Advisor).

All you have to do is tell us about your best birthday memory in the form above for the chance to win this ultimate birthday getaway. Did your favourite birthday involve swimming with dolphins in Port Phillip Bay? Drinking mimosas until the sun came up? Or maybe it was at Drag Bingo when you accidentally fell off the table while belting Donna Summers…I mean, I heard from a friend. Whatever is it, we wanna hear it!

Start getting nostalgic friends. Good Luck!

Image: Supplied