5 Trips If Yr Holiday Brief Is Main Character On A Boat In The Med But You Wanna Stay In Aus

Got a glamorous, sun-soaked trip to the Mediterranean on your mind? Don’t bloody blame you. The idea of sashaying off anywhere warm with clear water and being a mysterious stranger on a boat sounds very appealing right now. But you don’t have to leave the country to live your best main-character life in paradise. Save on that sky-high plane ticket to Europe and set your sights on The Whitsundays instead.

Unlike the Med, which is a no-go in winter, you can sail your heart out any time of year in The Whitsundays. Water around the cluster of 74 tropical islands stay a warm 25 degrees celsius throughout most of the year. So you can scratch any worries about painstakingly lowering your body limb-by-limb into the water off your list. It’s basically a bloody bath. 

Only a short flight from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, and you’ll find yourself in the Heart of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. With a whole underwater world to explore, spend your time swimming, snorkelling and diving to take in the coral, fish and underwater sculptures. Pretty cool, no?

Wring the most out of The Whitsundays by hopping on a crewed overnight sailing adventure. You’ll be able to visit a bunch of the dreamy locations only accessible by boat, explore the Outer Reef, meet new people and experience all the natural wonders up nice ‘n close.

Here’s five escapes to book in The Whitsundays if you want to spend your next trip gallivanting on (and under) the water.

1. Kiana Sail & Dive

Over three days and two nights, you’ll sail to the Outer Great Barrier Reef on this 16.4m ketch sailing boat. Fully equipped for snorkelling and scuba diving at the north end of Hook Island, there’s no need to pack your flippers. The trip also includes an arvo on Whitehaven Beach, a guided bush walk through The Whitsunday National Park and a stop by the Hill Inlet lookout to catch some stunning views.

2. Prosail Freediving and Sailing Liveaboard Trip

This four-day, three-night charter tour departs from Airlie Beach and has no set itinerary – the best sites are chosen based on the weather and tidal conditions at the time. Defs one for the free spirits!

Your time aboard the 24-metre ex-racing sailing yacht will include a guided yoga and meditation session in the morning (namaste), breathing workshops, freediving and snorkelling. Swim with turtles and snorkel to have a geeze at the soft and hard corals, as well as an abundance of fish. Keep an eye out for Nemo.

3. Avatar Whitsunday Trimaran Sailing Experience

On the only commercial sailing trimaran in The Whitsundays, you’ll feel extra stable as you sail on this bad boy. Stops can include Whitehaven Beach, Hook Island, Hayman Island, Border Island and Whitsunday Island, and you can jump off for a snorkel at Luncheon Bay, Caves Cove, Blue Pearl Bay and more. There’s also a net you can relax in as you soak up the sights, like a damper, more mobile hammock. 

Enjoy sunset sailing and sleeping under the stars if you want to (under the watchful crew eye, of course). After two nights at sea, you’ll spend a couple more in accommodation at Airlie Beach. 

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4. Whitsunday Bike, Hike and Sail Adventure Holiday

Siska is the classic sailing yacht you’ll be aboard for this escape. This four-night adventure is action packed. You’ll head on hikes in secluded areas only accessible by boat and jump on an e-bike to explore ancient tracks while you learn about the region’s history and wildlife. And of course, no trip would be complete without a swim and snorkel to take in the plethora of marine life. 

5. True Blue Sailing Atlantic Clipper Adventure

Have a bloody ball on this two-day, two-night trip. Kitted out with a diving platform and two (!!) waterslides, the Atlantic Clipper is a floating playground. With lots of deck space to lay back on and a 12-person heated jacuzzi, this escape is perfect for those of you that wanna sip a nice beveragino as you sail through the islands.

Forget the Med. An overnight sailing experience is one of the best ways to experience the natural wonders of The Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. You’ll straight-up feel like you’ve dived into a screensaver. Just remember to gaze introspectively out at the horizon to keep the main character energy thriving while you’re aboard.