Live Yr Best Life On A European Yacht This Summer For Less Than $1k


It’s that time of year where everyone’s bracing themselves for Aussie winter by booking fancy-pants Europe trips.

Honestly, we can’t imagine anything better than swapping miserable, cold weather for long, hot days, crystal-clear waters and glorious parties. Name a better holiday, I’ll wait.

But wanting to book a spoil-y European vacay and actually affording one are two different things.

Granted, flights are pretty exxy, but the real ball-breaker is forking out a small fortune after you land for things like reasonable accommodation, food, dranks and your day-to-day activities.

In short, Europe isn’t somewhere you can travel to on a budget, right?

Actually, WRONG.

Imagine this: you’re sitting atop a yacht sailing around the Mediterranean, eating a yummo seafood platter and meeting a load of new pals. Tonight, you’ve got an exclusive party on the mainland, set within an actual fortress #Game of Thrones-style.

As though that didn’t already sound sweet-as-heck, imagine this luxe AF set-up only cost you five days annual leave and under $1,000?


That, my friends, is the glory of The Yacht Week. Now, if you haven’t heard of it before, here’s the sitch.

The Yacht Week is basically a week-long floating festival that sails across the Med, stopping off at some of sexiest hotspots, like Croatia.

For seven epic days, you’ll take part in mid-ocean beach parties with over 40 other yachts, eat till your heart’s content and boogie the night away while listening to some of the coolest DJ sets in the land.

^ Take me here immediately, pls and thank you.

OMG BOAT RACES?? I simply must go.

Aside from leaving you happy as Larry, these action-packed week-long packages are also budget-friendly, starting off at just $736 (approx.) and range up to $800 (approx.), depending on dates. I kid you not.

As you might’ve already guessed, this yachting bonanza doesn’t include your flights, but even with your bog-standard airfares, this tour still comes in about the same price as just your normal accommodation expenses.

So round up the squad, or even just clear your own calendar, and nab your tix before they all sell out.

Trips kick off in June and run right through to September.

For more info on The Yacht Week, and info on how to book your amazing summer vacay, click here.