‘The Bachelor’ US Is Doing Its Fantasy Suite Episode On The Gold Coast

gold coast

I’ve watched the US version of The Bachelor for some time now, and jeebus, they must have far bigger budgets than The Bachelor Australia does, what with their gallivanting around the world in the pursuit of love and all. Seriously, they leave the mansion for alternate destinations within the first couple of episodes, which is more than we can say for Osher‘s crews.

Now I might’ve missed an episode amongst the 24 seasons, but from memory and a quick google search, Australia’s never made the cut when it comes to the series’ travel itineraries. I get it. We are far away, but, that being said, we did come close with Bali on Chris Soules‘ season. (I would like a formal explanation, Elan Gale.)

But let’s not dwell too much on the past, because bachie producers have finally taken their finger out of their bums and flown Bachelor Peter Weber and his final three contestants to none other than the Gold Coast for its next episode.

With a predicted US audience of six million – plus people like me around the world who may or may not stream the show through other platforms – it’s expected to bring up to $43 million to the local economy, according to Gold Coast Bulletin.

Airing in the US on February 24, the episode will be among the season’s most hotly anticipated: Fantasy Suite Week. For anyone who doesn’t speak bachelor, that’s basically where the suitor has overnight dates with his final three, away from the camera. What they get up to is unknown. Probably an intense game of Scrabble.

gold coast

gold coast

While it’s been a long waiting game getting The Bachelor US to consider Australia as part of its “journey”, it couldn’t have come at a better time – we need all the tourism we can get right now.