Much as we love the drama and mess of Bachelor In Paradise, the casting situation is starting to get a little ridiculous, what with the same bunch of contestants showing up year-in, year-out for yet another crack at love.

Apparently, the good people at Ten and Warner Brothers are feeling this way too, with rumours that the show will be “rested” for a year, so that they can finally scrape together some fresh talent for the next season.

Megan Pustetto of the So Dramatic! podcast spoke to several “Warner Brothers production insiders”  the latest episode, and both have claimed that the show will be taking a year off, with contestant fatigue partly to blame.

The first source said that a new season has not yet been commissioned, as producers want to take a break in order to have a bigger pool of contestants and stop reusing the old ones because “people are bored of them.”

The second source said that COVID has also held up production on new Bachelor In Paradise episodes, saying:

“Paradise is not happening this year due to COVID; they had a contract with the Fiji government and resort for Paradise, but that physically can’t happen anymore. Contractually, they aren’t able to film at another resort, and even if they could, it is too expensive to film in Australia anyway.”

This news comes as a bit of a curveball, given earlier rumours that some stars had already signed on and were preparing to film. Another source, this one a contestant on the show, claims that filming will go ahead, but not until 2021.

There is a possibility that the show might film on Hayman Island, given that large blocks of accommodation have been booked up there, but that could also just be Queenslanders snatching up holiday stays, given that it’s impossible to travel interstate right now.

If Bachie In Paradise does actually go ahead, rumour has it that Alex McKay and Jackson Garlick are right at the top of the horny contestants’ casting wish list. We’ll eagerly await any official word from Ten and Warner Bros.