If you ever wanted to spend a weekend walking (read: hobbling) in Carrie Bradshaw’s stiletto-heeled Manolos, sip bulk cosmos at brunch, or simply look wistfully out of the window over New York’s Upper East Side while writing your musings on life and all its intricacies and complexities, well now you can – kinda. Basically, you can pay like $30 a night to stay in Carrie’s iconique NYC apartment.

The recreated apartment – which is actually in neighbouring Chelsea, and not the UES – has been listed on Airbnb for Sex And The City stans who couldn’t help but wonder what life would be like as a luxe-living unlucky-in-love columnist embedded in the heart of the Big Apple. For the cost of a couple of cocktails down the pub, you could nose around the apartment that was the silent other main character of the long-running rom-com series.

Carrie’s apartment is being rented out to celebrate the incoming of And Just Like That…, the massive SATC revival hitting screens in December, and features some truly Bradshaw-specific experiences as well.

Not only would you be able to snooze in the bed that Carrie rested her perfectly-scrunched curls every evening, but the whole apartment is pretty much kitted out as you’d expect – filled to the max with designer and vintage interiors, and that walk-in wardrobe absolutely heaving with statement pieces like Carrie herself wore throughout the series. Photoshoots are not only encouraged, but a commemorative snap sesh is slated into the stay, so you can get *the* shot for your Insta feeds.

Upon arriving to your stay, you’ll be virtually greeted by Sarah Jessica Parker herself – my god – before being whisked up to the apartment. Complimentary cosmopolitans will be handed out for an obligatory cheers with the gals, and you’ll be taken out for brunch in Chelsea, also a staple of the SATC group on any given day.

And if you really want to lean in on your Carrie Bradshaw dreams, a replica of *the* outfit – Carrie’s tutu and tank top – has been donated by costume designer Patricia Field to a charity auction by Housing Works, which aims to help raise funds for people impacted by homelessness and HIV/AIDS.

Look, I won’t lie: it’ll be harder to get a reservation here than it would finding a quiet table for two at The Modern, considering it’s only available for two, one-night stays on November 12 and 13 (literally next week), but hey if you’re in the neighbourhood, why the fuck not? Praying you don’t run into your own Mr. Big though, nobody needs that recurring uncertainty in their lives.

Image: Supplied / Tara Rice