Qantas Is Slinging San Fran To Aus Return Flights For $300 So Tell Your Mate To Come Home

Yes, I also thought this was bullshit at first but nope – it’s actually real! To celebrate almost 100 years in the flying business, Qantas is releasing $100 one-way tickets from a number of destinations to Australia. FOR FOUR DAYS. Unfortunately, we (I) caught on to this late so there’s only three days left of the birthday sale. I apologise.

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Each day, the airline will release 100 airfares for $100^ each way when bought as a round trip. The fares are for selected city pairs and travel dates but still, what a bloody good deal.

The first batch of flights unleashed on day one were London to Sydney tickets. It completely sold out. Shocker. But day two’s offer is San Francisco to Melbourne / Brisbane. Fares will be released at approximately 2pm PST / 5pm EST on 19 November 2019, so if you have any mates / family in San Fran right now that you haven’t seen for about a billion years, tag ’em. And because the departing location is San Francisco, these fares are in USD.

As always, look out for the return blackout dates including 20 March-15 April 2020, 17 June-11 July 2020, and 11-28 September, 2020.

If you do miss out on the birthday sale fares, Qantas is also offering economy round trips from Los Angeles to Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane from $699. That’s still a damn good deal in my opinion. This sale ends Tuesday 26 November 2019, so you’ve got a week to get in touch with your loved ones.

There’s still day three and four of the birthday sale to look forward to as well so keep your eyes peeled.

You can suss out all the details on the Qantas website right here. You have to make the booking on