These Teeny Mini Suitcases For Your Toiletries Are So Cute I Want To Kill Them

I will fuck with anything that is a miniature version of something else. Coles Little Shop? I’m sorry, but I absolutely collected those tiny laundry detergents and so on – and did NOT throw them away, because I love them a lot. They are my tiny versions of my normal-human-sized things, and I will cherish them forever.

[jwplayer 41izIXmG]

But obviously the best mini things are ones that do a real job and don’t just sit pride of place on your side table. Like this teeny suitcase from travel brand Away.

The Mini, $65

It’s called The Mini, and is designed by Away to carry your breakables when travelling – think anything from perfume and glass jar skincare to jewellery and sunnies.

It’s not a revolutionary concept to sell hard case travelling containers, but THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE A TINY SUITCASE YOU GUYS.

Here’s their carry-on, for context.

The Carry-On, $295

In all this talk of cuteness and oh-my-god-I-need-it, I should also acknowledge that yes, the Away Mini’s are not cheap. They are $65 not cheap, to be exact. But they’re not pricey without good reason to be – The Mini’s are made from the same polycarbonate shell as the Carry-On’s are, which means they can cop a beating and protect your delicate items, even if you drop everything. Unless, of course, you also forget to zip yours up.

Just in time for Christmas, you can also buy a Mini filled with travel needs from brand partners – this is a genius gift for one of those annoying friends who is impossible to buy for but says things like “that time I lived in Barthelona”.

The City Set, $95

The Mini’s are only back for a limited time on Away’s site, so if you want one, go get it asap.