Qantas Has Hiked Up The Price Of Some Sydney > Melb Flights To $800, Which Is Airway Robbery

Qantas, the airline that just recently cried poor to the government after COVID, has decided to jack up the prices of flights out of Sydney as everyone makes a last-ditch effort to get the fuck out after the recent outbreak.

According to the Australian Financial Review, Qantas has received approximately $800 million to help them cover staffing costs and flights amid the coronavirus pandemic, but now they have the audacity to charge extortionate amounts of money for a flight that usually only sets you back a little over $100.

I simply cannot stress this enough, Qantas can absolutely get fucked.

While trying to quite literally book a flight home, I was delighted to find that the airline is charging a quiet $809 one-way for a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.




Sydney. To. Melbourne.

For reference, a flight from Sydney to Melbourne on Qantas, depending on the date and time of your travel will set you back between $150-300.

Now, I understand the concept of supply and demand, but to absolutely extort people in the middle of a COVID outbreak in what has otherwise been the year from hell is honestly pretty unaustralian.

It’s been a hell of a year, we’re mere days away from Christmas, and to try to charge people out the wazoo for a flight is absolutely disgusting.

In a statement, Qantas said:

There are a range of fares available on every flight and, as you can imagine, the cheapest sell out first and the last remaining fares tend to be the most expensive. Fares between Sydney and Melbourne are available from $235 tomorrow on Qantas and $129 on Jetstar.

Qantas, do better.