Qantas Pulls A Sneaky To Let You Transfer Loyalty Points For Fast-Tracked Gold Status

Qantas will grant travellers with top-level frequent flyer benefits at competing airlines accelerated access to Qantas’ elusive Gold status, along with temporary access to the Qantas Club Lounges and bonus checked baggage.

It’s a bold play by the airline, which seems poised to cut the lunch of other airlines hamstrung by financial woes and ongoing travel restrictions.

Qantas today revealed that folks who qualify for the equivalent of Gold status at a number of major airlines will be permitted to “fast track” their benefits at Qantas, meaning they’ll only need to accrue 100 ‘status credits’ over three months to reach Qantas Gold, instead of the 700 it usually requires.

For reference, Qantas says 100 ‘status credits’ equates to five return trips between Sydney and Melbourne. Or, if you’re really just after the Gold status, you could chuck a single business-class trip from Melbourne to Perth or something. Whatever floats your boat plane.

If you meet those criteria, Qantas says it’ll grant you access to Gold status, which comes with all of those fancy perks usually reserved for dedicated FIFO folks, daytime TV commentators, and suits who probably don’t need to take so many business meetings.

As a bonus, folks who take up the offer will be granted 90 days’ access to some fancy goodies, like access to the airline’s lounges (when they all reopen…) and that extra checked baggage allowance. Nifty.

The list of eligible airlines includes Air New Zealand (Airpoints levels Gold and Elite), Etihad (Guest levels Gold and Platinum), and, crucially, Virgin Australia (Velocity Gold and Velocity Platinum).

Given the fact international travel is still off the cards for the vast majority of Australians, and the fact Qantas’ key domestic competitor is only now emerging from administration, Qantas knows exactly what it’s doing here.

Anyway, if you feel like scabbing on whatever airline you’ve already pledged loyalty to in favour of Australia’s NaTiOnAl CaRrIeR, you have until December 18 to sign up for this fast-track business.

Check out the full details here.