Qantas has revealed its brand new passenger safety video, an eight-minute journey through the Australian airline’s storied history. Coincidentally, it also includes instructions on how to fasten a seatbelt.

But some viewers are more focused on what the clip is missing: the two coffee-chugging fellas who starred in Qantas’ last passenger safety video and became niche celebrities in the process.

In case you haven’t hoofed it overseas on a Qantas flight, here’s the gist. The old video, which debuted in 2018, showcases Australian culture across the planet, including two Aussies ordering coffees in London. The clip shows some banter between a barista and the pair, one of whom asks for “double shots, mate. Double shots.”

While innocuous in small doses, frequent Qantas flyers became very, very well acquainted to those men and their taste in coffee. After today’s announcement, folks have commented on the loss of the airline’s most controversial ambassadors.

The new video makes some other considerable changes.

After giving a nod to the airline’s role in the migration stories of many first-generation Australians, the clip acknowledges Indigenous Australia and elders past, present and emerging. It’s a recognition of Australian culture not often seen in, well, airline safety videos.

Speaking to Mumbrella, Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the new clip is “really a tribute to a century of our people, the changing styles, and our innovation.”

Qantas’ next hundred years has no place for London’s most caffeinated business lads, apparently.

The new video will go live on Qantas services next month, but you can watch it in full below.

Image: Qantas / YouTube