‘Practically Paralysed’: Bachie’s Monique Morley Shares Horror Story Of Her Drink Being Spiked

monique morley

Former Bachelor star Monique Morley has warned other travellers after her drink was spiked while she was at a bar with a friend, leaving her “practically paralysed”.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Morley (who you might remember from the infamous dog cunt drama on Matt Agnew‘s season of The Bachelor) was enjoying a drink around lunch time in an empty bar in the Caribbean when she started to lose feeling in her legs.

“The place was nothing fancy, and we were two of the only people there and this local guy was like, ‘Hey I need to get in front of you’,” she recalled.

“It was super weird because the place was empty. I assumed he was just going to a small fridge near the wall. I turned to the side to look at the ocean on the verandah and he shuffled past for a second and then shuffled back again.

“My drink had only just been served and when I turned back to drink it, I started to feel really weird – mostly in my legs. I asked my girlfriend if she felt the same and she said no.”

Monique Morley in her iconic orange dress from The Bachelor. (Source: Instagram @moniques.world)

Morley said her drink had only been left unattended for “five seconds”, and it was after this that things went from bad to worse.

“Everything then started going dizzy so I asked [my friend] to take me home and for her to drive. We had to keep stopping so I could throw up, my whole body felt weird and I could hardly feel my legs,” she said.

Morley recalled that after she got home, she was “violently sick for hours” and felt “practically paralysed”.

“It’s just lucky I figured it out early,” she said, noting how dangerous the situation could have become had she not had a friend to take her home safely.

“With holidays approaching, please can everyone be so so careful when out, especially when travelling and overseas,” she said.

“Watch your drinks and always have someone you trust around you. You should always listen to your gut too and remove yourself from situations you don’t feel comfortable in.”

In an Instagram comment, Morley told a follower she was not fully recovered yet and that the incident was “the scariest thing”.

However, she assured her followers she was meditating and practicing self care to heal.