‘Bachie’ Star Confirms “Divide” In The Mansion After All Hell Broke Loose In Last Night’s Ep

In the lead-up to last night’s bombshell episode of The Bachelor, we’d been hearing whispers that there’s a crazy amount of beef in Bachie mansion, most of which goes down when cameras stop rolling, and now one contestant has confirmed the rumours to be true.

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Speaking to OK! Magazine, chatty gal Mary Viturino revealed that there’s a “divide” between the contestants in the mansion.

“It gets crazy,” she told the publication. “The house is totally divided.”

In last night’s ep, early favourite Abbie Chatfield proved herself to be something of a season villain as she kissed Bachie Matt Agnew, then told him what Monique Morley had said about him, causing all hell to break loose at the cocktail party.

Mary reckons Abbie’s motives were to get Matt on her side as she told the mag that she believes the Gemini qween to be v. calculating.

“I think she’s very young, but she’s being strategic,” she says, adding that Abbie is a “snitch” and that part of her “game plan” is to get Monique booted from the show.

“I’m pretty confident she did tell Matt [what Monique said], so he would look at Monique in a different light.”

She concludes: “I think it’s come out of jealousy. Monique seemed like a frontrunner, so Abbie did what she did.”

An insider recently revealed that life inside the mansion has begun to mirror “the Hunger Games“, New Idea reported.

“The tension was so bad that the girls started refusing to sleep in the same room as each other,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“At one stage there was something of a bedroom protest,” adds the insider.

Shit vibes for them, damn good telly for us.