Salty ‘Bach’ Evictee Elly Slams Matt Agnew, Says Honey Badger Is More Her Type Anyway

If you could have any superpower what would it be? I’d choose telekinesis ‘coz I’m hella lazy and would love to magically bring the TV remote to me without having to get up. Eliminated Bachie contestant Elly Miles, however? She wishes she could go back in time, specifically to one year ago when Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins was The Bachelor so she could sign up for his season instead.

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Speaking to The Daily Telegraph following her shock elimination, Miles said that Cummins is way more her type than Matt Agnew.

“I probably would have liked Nick (Cummins),” Elly told the publication, adding that she likes a “blokey bloke.”

Elly also said she’s glad she left when she did so she didn’t have to go through the harrowing home visit portion of the program.

“We had a conversation where I opened up to him about fear of heartbreak and I said to him that I’m worried we’ll get to the end of this and it won’t be me because we’re too different,” she said.

“From that point I noticed changes in his interactions with me a little bit.”

She was certainly singing a different tune during last night’s ep where she appeared to be distraught about having been evicted from the mansion.

After breaking down in tears following an emotional goodbye to Matt, Elly was seen shouting in the car, “What the fuck happened?”

She went on to slam her fellow contestant Abbie Chatfield.

“I think Abbie has really pulled the wool over his eyes, and he could be hurt at the end of it. Maybe he took the Abbie thing the wrong way, and I still don’t regret saying anything to Matt,” Elly said.

She tearfully continued, “You know, I stand by what I said. There’s a lot of different sides to people that he doesn’t see. I hope he ends up happy in the end.”

Might be time for some Honey Badger DM sliding.