Georgia Love Had At Least One Feeling About Matt’s Shithouse Decision On Tonight’s ‘Bachie’

Georgia Love had some feelings abou Matt's decision tonight.
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I don’t know if there’s a lot of crossover between the attributes required to be an astrophysicist and the attributes required to make the correct decisions in your personal life as determined by people watching an edited version of it on TV, but a lot of people on Twitter are questioning just how Matt Agnew managed to get his PhD after making the controversial decision tonight to boot Elly from the mansion instead of, say, someone else whose name rhymes with Schmabbie.

[jwplayer TbIvUgrd]

An almost palpable wave of shock and outrage flooded the internet as soon as the damage was done:

People also expressed this in slightly less mean ways:

But none so prominently as former Bachelorette Georgia Love, who did not mince her words at all:

Fair enough!

Some similar sentiment might have been directed towards someone else as well, but it’s impossible to figure out who exactly:

What a mystery.

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