Well, it finally happened: a series of The Bachelor where the eponymous bloke revealed he didn’t actually fallen in love with anybody. Last night’s revelation that Nick Cummins couldn’t commit to either Brittany Hockley nor Sophie Tieman left the nation reeling, but an interview with Hockley this morning reveals nobody was more shocked than the two remaining contestants themselves.

Speaking to Josiah & Elly on Hit 96.9 Goulburn Valley this morning, Hockley said her reaction could best be summed up as “WTAF”.

Describing the series’ finale, which saw both women leave Cummins alone with his thoughts, Hockley said “It was really hard. I think on the night you could see that obviously I was angry, I just got in the car and said ‘what a waste of time.'”

Hockley discussed the much-needed emotional purge of watching the finale from the audience’s perspective, but revealed she had a mate there with her.

“I just was mad that Sophie was hurting. But watching it back last night, I cried it out… Sophie and I sat on the lounge and relived it together.”

As for answers regarding that almighty letdown, Hockley revealed the Honey Badger never fully unfolded his thought process to her. Not immediately after filming, not during post-production, and certainly not the night the finale hit Australian screens.

“It would have been nice to get some answers because we didn’t really get any,” Hockley said.

“I don’t know if he couldn’t bring himself to speak to me straight away, but for me, he went through my brother,” she revealed, adding “If you’re gonna do this, do it to me.”

Old mate went on to describe the unique kind of pain that comes from knowing Cummins chose not to commit to even one weekend outside of the “pressure cooker” environment of the TV show. But, hey, at least she and Sophie are tight.

Expect more revelations to come out now the show is through; until then, y’all can listen to the interview HERE. 

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‘Wowee.’ Living it the first time was so hard, but reliving it tonight was something else.???? After a very long and incredible journey, I found myself standing at the end with a full heart and excited at the prospect of a happy future with Nick. I believe everything happens for a reason, and by this point I truly believed I was meant to come here and meant to meet Nick. From the very beginning we connected on so many levels, some you saw, and some you unfortunately didn’t. I was in disbelief and thought surely this was the reason I hadn’t met anyone in a long time. But that is not the case. Unfortunately it is not my time.???? I gave it my all and was always true to myself, honest and risked it for the biscuit. I wore my heart on my sleeve and I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. Whilst this is not my happy ending, I made the most beautiful friends, and I am so grateful to have had Soph there with me at the end. She is truly my rock. I’m leaving with a heavy heart, but I’d like to say to all the girls that I shared this adventure with, thank you for the journey, the laughs and the memories, they will last a lifetime. To all the crew, soundies, cameramen, make up artists, stylists, production, runners, photographers, Osher, all the behind the scenes, you beautiful souls. I saw some of your hearts break when mine did, you know who you are, thank you for treating me so well always, and always making me laugh when I needed it. You made this whole experience that much greater. My family have been my rocks and really helped me through this. It’s been so hard to keep this to ourselves and deal with it on our own. Everyone that ever supported me on this crazy rollercoaster, thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. I love love and I have to believe this is just setting me on the path I’m supposed to be on. You can be sure I’ll keep on searching. Britt ✌???? ???? Xx @thebachelorau #thebachelorau #love #womensupportingwomen

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