Nichole Wood Spills The Tea On That Dramatic As Fuck Walk-Out In Last Night’s ‘Bachie’

One of the spiciest moments from last night’s ep of The Bachelor was when Nichole Wood stormed off set and threatened to quit the show for good.

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The cafe manager went nuts after Monique Morley received a single date card and rose from Matt Agnew but now she’s insisting that her outburst “had nothing to do with jealousy.”

Speaking to NW magazine, Wood said she felt like she had been typecast as just a “blonde, blue-eyed girl.”

“It was more being upset that me and Monique were getting categorised and being told that all we are is blonde blue-eyed girls,” she explained.

“And I know that both of us are more than that, that’s what got me so worked up.”

According to multiple reports, the pair have been on the outs ever since Wood called Monique her “desperate doppelgänger.”

“Nichole is a lot more sensitive than she lets on,” the insider reveals, who says Woods had a breakdown in the bathroom after arguing with a producer about Monique.

“Nichole struggled with the constant comparisons to Monique and just felt like she didn’t have a place in the mansion or with Matt,” reveals the source.

New Idea reports that Monique will also row with Gemini qween Abbie Chatfield in a future ep, so we have that to look forward to as well.

The gossip mag claims the pair will be locked in a “heated argument” as Monique “doesn’t hold back on her thoughts on other women.”

The source added: “It’s non-stop fireworks with her, she just does not know how to hold her tongue.”

Good things are yet to come, mates. Last night was just the beginning.