A man’s quest to avoid coronavirus on a plane has caught the internet’s attention for being completely normal and absolutely fine. Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here.

(Image: BoingBoing / David Pescowicz)

US businessman Rick Pescovitz can be seen above testing out one of his ‘Under the Weather’ pods, an idea which he initially pitched to Shark Tank USA in 2017.

Rick’s brother David talked about the experience on BoingBoing: “As [travellers] are taking unusual steps to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, from wearing water jugs on their heads to covering themselves in plastic tarps, my brother thought to see how his StadiumPod, meant for seated spectators at sports games, would work on an airplane.”

“He tells me the flight attendant happily took his photo and that the man who sat next to him didn’t even bat an eye,” David concluded.

Aside from the fact that Rick looks like he’s having an amazing time in the pod, I’m sure this would be an extremely viable option for a flight, particularly for an international journey. Very spacious. Lots of room for activities. Easy to eat meals in. Not claustrophobic in the slightest.

The StadiumPod, which is water-reistant, wind-resistant and boasts UPF 50 sun protection, is priced at $79.99USD.

(Image: undertheweatherpods.com)

Once again, it seems perfectly normal.

(Image: undertheweatherpods.com)


Image: BoingBoing / David Pescowicz