The ‘Big Brother’ Housemates, Ultimate Social Isolators, Have Now Been Told About Coronavirus

The contestants in the rebooted Big Brother series have finally been alerted about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, after spending a good couple of weeks being blissfully unaware of the mild chaos happening outside.

Filming in Manly is currently about three weeks in, and the Aussies living in the purest form of social distancing isolation have been living without any knowledge of the outside world.

This means that they’ve been entirely unaware of the unfolding global pandemic, the mad scramble for toilet paper and groceries, the borderline-lockdown of countries like Italy and Spain, the cancellation of hundreds of events globally, and Instagram being awash with people getting progressively more and more bored as they spend days in isolation.

A statement from the Big Brother production house has said they’re also keeping in contact with the contestants’ families during the coronavirus pandemic.

The show hasn’t confirmed how exactly they alerted the contestants about the coronavirus issue, but God I’m hoping they issued the announcement through the iconic, booming, omnipresent voice of Big Brother.

It makes sense, right? It’s the most hands-off way that the show can communicate to the contenders in lockdown.

Thankfully the show hasn’t gotten to a point where contestants are still in the dark about it and also having to question why the live evictions are completely deserted, like the Canadian BB house had to do this week.