Naomi Campbell Is Once Again Paving The Way For Coronavirus Fashion With Her Latest Look

Hygiene icon and noted germaphobe Naomi Campbell has once again delivered a pandemic-era serve worthy of its own lockdown exemption.

In a new Instagram post, Campbell showed off her most extra quarantine get-up yet. While she’s been shielding herself from germs on planes for years, during the pandemic she’s dialed it up.

For those looking to steal her look, Campbell is rocking a Tyvek hazmat suit which go for around $15 online. She’s accessorised it with a surgical grade face shield, designed for splash protection, as well as a P2 facemask underneath.

Call the mask/face shield combo redundant all you want, but there’s no denying that it’s a look and a half.

Her caption on Instagram was: “On the move.” Not even a global pandemic can stop Ms Campbell.

While Campbell’s jetsetting hygiene rituals have been well-documented since before the pandemic, she seems to have upped the ante in recent months.

But instead of flying first class as in her iconic YouTube video, Campbell appears to be on a private jet this time around. It’s much easier to socially distance that way, one would assume.

That also explains how and why she’s able to get on a damn plane in the first place, while the rest of us mortals hold out in lockdown.

Coronavirus travel restrictions work hard, but Naomi Campbell works harder. Or something like that.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Campbell in this particular hazmat suit. Just months ago, she wore an identical one with a $4,190 Burberry cape, which she binned (!!!) after the flight.

Hygiene isn’t cheap, sweaty.