Serial germaphobe and supermodel icon Naomi Campbell is no stranger to extreme travel hygiene. Now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, her habits are back in the spotlight.

The most recent result was this airport fit in which Campbell paired a $16 hazmat suit from Amazon with a lovely Burberry cape. Campbell shared it in an update on Instagram.

While the comments section was full of critics telling Campbell that she shouldn’t be wasting protective equipment that’s already in short supply, Azealia Banks chimed in to ask if the blanket was provided by the airline. “Those don’t get washed thoroughly,” she wrote.

Not to worry, because it turns out Campbell brought it from home. And it wasn’t just any blanket – it was a Burberry lambskin trim double-faced cashmere cape which retails in Australia for a cool $4,190. No big deal.

Just to be safe from the coronavirus, Campbell then did what any normal person would do to their four-grand, designer cashmere and lambskin cape. She binned it. Replying to Banks’ comment, Campbell was blunt: “now in airport garbage.”

For the treasure hunters out there, here’s what we know: one of the photos in Campbell’s gallery was taken at Terminal B of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). However, in a YouTube video uploaded over the weekend, she revealed she was flying home to New York. So that’s probs where the cape is.

“I’m not doing this for laughs, this is how I fell comfortable travelling,” Campbell added the YouTube video. Fashion might not be a crime, but being rich should be.