Naomi Campbell Reignites Decades-Old Beef With Tyra Banks With A Swiftly-Deleted Insta Story

Tyra Banks Naomi Campbell

The long-lasting feud between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell has just kicked off again (here we go) after international supermodel Naomi shared an article on her Instagram story that called Tyra “the real mean girl”. Yikes.

The shared post has since been deleted, but fans were quick to screenshot it immediately. The article was written by Gia Marcos for TheThings, and was titled “Here’s why fans are starting to think Tyra Banks is the real mean girl, not Naomi Campbell.”

Someone tell Naomi that 2020 is not the year to be starting beef with your old rivals.

The real kicker in the shared post, however, was that Naomi even linked to the story so that people could swipe up and read it. As a journalist, it’s always your dream that a celebrity will share an article you write about them, but it’s pretty clear that Naomi was sharing this one with some shady intent.

“The woe-is-me Tyra narrative has definitely worn off,” Marcos writes.

And it looks like Naomi very much agrees. I mean, we all thought it, but now we have some solid evidence towards the fact.

Naomi Tyra

In the article, which you can read HERE, Marcos highlights that for a long time, folks would side with Tyra over Naomi, because she was the kind and gentle one that gave young models a chance to start their careers through America’s Next Top Model. Adversely, Naomi was always seen as cold and dismissive, especially when she appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, smiling as Tyra unloaded years of alleged bullying she claimed to have received from her rival.

However, as the article points out, America’s Next Top Model coming to streaming services during lockdown has reminded us all that… Tyra is hella problematic. Asking contestants to change natural features, darkening the skin of white models, creating a challenge where individuals had to dress as other races, the list goes on.

These days it’s far easier to see that Naomi may in fact be the less problematic of the two, which has worn down the ‘nice girl’ personality that we all loved from Tyra over our formative years.

So all that? Yeah, Naomi basically wants everyone to read that stuff by sharing the article. That, or she supports the journalistic arts. Only time will tell.