Welp, here it is mates. The new generation of console gaming is upon us, and with it comes the long-awaited pre-sales for the even longer-awaited Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Microsoft’s new fleet of hyper-powered gaming boxes will arrive in Australia come November 10th, and with it probably a very good reason to burn through some of that extra annual leave you’re currently sitting on.

The two versions of the new-gen console have their own pros and cons, and are designed to suit people’s various needs, wants, and budgets.

The Xbox Series X – the higher-powered of the two – is capable of producing visual output of 4K@60fps, and comes stocked with a disc drive. That bad boy carries the heftier of the two price tags, coming in at $749.00 here in Australia.

Meanwhile the Xbox Series S – the slim boy of the new duo – has a slightly pared-back peak performance of 1440@60fps, and is a “digital only” model that has no disc drive. However, the slimmer price tag of $499.00 remains a very appealing option for the somewhat more budget conscious.

A raft of retailers across the country are offering pre-orders on the new console from 8am AET on Tuesday, September 22nd (that’s tomorrow, geniuses). These pre-orders are all being run as online-only offerings, which is good news for those of you in Metro Melbourne at the moment. Even better still, securing one will only require a deposit of between $50 and $200 (depending on the outlet). So you don’t have to spend hours this evening debating which limb to sell to get the full amount together by morning.

Here’s a bunch of places where you’ll be able to get a pre-order for launch day. You gotta be quick, though. Launch day pre-order allotments are expected to go like the clappers.

You can find pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at the following:

Additionally, Telstra is getting in on things by offering access to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S via their subscription-based Xbox All Access service. That’ll set folks back either $46 per month for the Xbox Series X, or $33 per month for the Xbox Series S. Both contracts run for 24 months, but also come with access to Game Pass Ultimate. You can get across all the Xbox All Access details here.

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