Xbox One X Sales Spiked After The Series X Pre-Order Sold Out, So Whose Mum Fucked It Up

Online sales of the Xbox One X console have spiked in recent days, suggesting that some folks, somewhere, are confusing that bit of kit with the new Xbox Series X.

As reported by Kotaku Australia, sales of the Xbox One X console, which first hit the market in November 2017, have surged on Amazon’s American site.

The site’s Movers and Shakers section, which essentially serves as a ‘trending’ tab for popular products, shows sales of the 1Tb One X spiked by 431% over the past day.

Bloody hell.

via Amazon.

That rush in demand comes just hours after US (and Australian) retailers exhausted their pre-sale stock of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, which arrive on the scene in November.

There are other suggestions for what’s happened here. Perhaps some punters realised the chances of them getting a Series X or Series S were pretty slim, so they simply opted for the next-best bit of Xbox kit.

However, it seems likely that Xbox’s ridiculous naming system has left some folks flummoxed.

While competitor Sony uses consecutive numbers to denote its PlayStation variants – you know, numbers, the little squiggles commonly used to denote a linear sequence! – Xbox gave up on that when it called its second generation the 360. C’est la vie.

All of this suggests a swathe of Xbox One X consoles will soon rock up as Christmas gifts, perplexing gamers who have actually mastered Microsoft’s gaming nomenclature.

Anyway, getting your filthy mitts on an Xbox Series X in Australia on launch day will be a pretty spicy proposition.

Pre-sales for both the Series X have been exhausted on the official Microsoft online store, along with retailers Amazon Australia, EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, and even department store giants Big W and Target (Kmart currently offers theXbox-branded Lynx deodorant, if you’re keen).

It’s not looking too much easier to acquire a PS5, either, with presales of the Sony beast exhausted basically across the board. We simply love to game, folks. Can’t get enough of it.

Given all of that chaos, maybe a brand new Xbox One X isn’t such a bad choice, after all.