Uber Is Launching A Loyalty Program So All Those Hangover Feeds Are Finally Worth Something

Uber has officially launched a loyalty program, complete with complementary upgrades and discounts on premium services.

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The news is either excellent or terrible news for your bank account, depending on your personal Uber habits and general financial control. Either way, it gives you an extra justification for those hungover feeds.

Uber Rewards works similar to an airline loyalty program, where the more you spend, the more rewards you earn. It comes with four levels – Blue (basic), Gold, Platinum and Diamond – with various rewards and benefits at each level.

At the most basic level (Blue), users will earn one point per dollar spent on Uber, which can then be spent on UberEats (how much one point is worth is yet to be clarified).

For Gold users, users will receive 10 percent off the more expensive Uber Comfort trips (up to $30 per month).

Platinum users will receive a “set” promotional price of 35 percent off between two chosen destinations, which will not be subject to change except for “extremely busy times”.

Diamond users – aka the top tier – so far only have access to a 24/7 phone support team as well as high priority on in-app messages, but Uber says complimentary upgrades are coming soon.

It’s not yet clear just how valuable these rewards will be to individual users, but for those who use the app frequently, it might be a bit of a money saver – particularly for the cheaper set price between two destinations.

The launch comes as Uber faces down a class action from Maurice Blackburn on behalf of more than 6,000 taxi and car-hire drivers, operators and licence owners over loss of income.

“Uber came in and exploited people by operating outside of regulations,” Maurice Blackburn senior associate Elizabeth O’Shea in a statement in May this year.

It also comes just months after an Australian Competition & Consumer Commission investigation found Uber Eats was forcing restaurants to unfairly shoulder the cost of failed deliveries.

In response to that investigation, Uber promised to update its contracts by December this year, although ACCC Chair Rod Sims said they’d “continue to monitor” the company.

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