Here’s the rest of us: debating whether to order Uber Eats from the place a ten minute walk down the road, wondering whether a tin of baked beans on toast might not just cut it instead.

And here’s some rich motherfucker in Australia: .…and the Beluga caviar, please! Yes, $600 worth. I must feast upon the fishy eggs. Also, six Bombe Alaskas, s’il vous plaît.

Uber Eats has released its 2017 data, and somebody ordered an insane $1,570 meal from Melbourne‘s Brasserie Entrecôte. Their order? Eight gourmet cheeseburgers, seven smoked salmons, seven steak sandwiches, $600 worth of Beluga caviar, chevré cheese and six Bombe Alaskas.

It’s the priciest order spent this year. I remain confused as to how not just one but six Bombe Alaskas – a dish that involves putting ice cream into the oven – could be transported successfully, but there you go.

Down on the more reasonable end of the spectrum, it turns out that the number one order for post-midnight feeds was a Halal Snack Pack from Melbourne’s Kebab Hut. (Somewhere, Sam Dastyari just rolled over in the grave of his political career.)

It also looks like not one of us can be arsed cooking on a Friday night, with Fridays at 6pm being the most popular time to order. And the most popular meal all up? Hot chips. Makes sense, tbh.

If you want to gaze into the abyss of your own Uber receipts (although why would you), Uber has created a personalised ‘Year with Uber’ for all users. Find out JUST how much money you sunk this year on not bothering with public transport. I feel ill just thinking about it.

Image: Mr Deeds