Uber is launching a $14.99 per month membership program called Uber Pass, and if you’re a regular user of rides or delivery, then it works out to save you money. Of course, the trick here is that it’s also encouraging you to spend money (with Uber, and not any of its rivals). But if you’re in control of your money habits, then it might be just the thing to save you a few bucks every month. And I should know: I’ve done the maths.

But first, what is Uber Pass? It’s a monthly subscription that in turn rewards you with zero Uber Eats delivery fees (for orders of $20 or more), 10% off all rides (excluding Pool and Hourly), and regular member perks, according to the company. The first perk? A $20 grocery voucher – which, BTW, is exactly how much you need to spend to qualify for free grocery and convenience store delivery.

If you haven’t heard of Uber Pass before, that’s because it’s launching in Australia and New Zealand before pretty much anywhere else in the world (apart from the US). It’s not the first time Uber has tested some kind of monthly subscription (which must be a killer in terms of forecasting earnings), but it’s really, really excited about this one.

So is it worth it for you? Here’s how I’ve worked out the maths.


Uber Pass – $14.99 per month


Free Uber Eats delivery – assuming you get it once per week and your fees are between $4 and $8, you’re saving $16 to $32 per month.

10% off Uber Rides – assuming you get a $20 Uber once per week, you’re saving $8 a month.

(Disclosure: I’m averaging four weeks per month, which is obviously not exact but then, neither are my assumptions!)

If you have this regular but very low-frequency Uber habit, then you’re spending $14.99 per month and saving $28 to $40 per month, meaning your gross savings equates to around $13 to $25 per month. (If that’s not how you use the word gross, then please don’t @ me. That’s gross.)

And this is a low estimate. You know those accidental bender weekends where you don’t even want to look at your bank account for days afterwards? IDK about you, but I’ve easily clocked up 3/4/5 Uber rides in a night and hate myself the next day. I have to assume 10% off that will make my bank account cry a little bit less.


If you want to test it out, you can just open the Uber app, hit the hamburger on the top left of your screen (a.k.a. those three lil bars), scroll down to Uber Pass and follow the prompts.

If you can’t see it yet, that’s because Uber’s still rolling it all out, but everyone should have the option by the end of the week. Hooroo.