A Missouri Man Allegedly Got Busted Selling Coke On His PS4 & You’re Out Here Playing GTA

playstation cocaine

The PlayStation has been a family entertainment staple for 25 years, giving us endless hours of fun, recreational time. But I’d bet you never thought it could be used to sell cocaine.

Well folks, I’d suggest you sit down and buckle up because a recent FBI search warrant suggests just that.

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According to Motherboard, the FBI applied for a search warrant back in October that effectively forced Sony to release data regarding PS4 user Curtis Alexander (Speedola20), who was suspected to be part of a “multi-kilogram level” cocaine distribution network.

The FBI alleges that Alexander used Sony’s PlayStation online platform to facilitate the dealing of cocaine in large quantities.

Alexander was allegedly caught out after an informant dobbed him into authorities. The informant then worked with police in a sting operation, where he allegedly purchased 100g of cocaine from Alexander via the platform for $4,400USD.

“The CHS [Confidential Human Source] stated Alexander was currently charging $34,000 per kilogram of cocaine. The CHS stated Alexander utilises the PlayStation username ‘Speedola20,” the search warrant reads.

According to court documents, it is alleged that Alexander used in-game voice chat and the PlayStation Network messaging service to conduct cocaine dealings in large quantities.

“Investigators believe that Alexander likely believes that audio communication during the course of his participation in an online game is secure. As such, Alexander likely believes that he can use audio communication during game play on the PlayStation to arrange the details of a drug transaction.”

But the information requested by the FBI isn’t just limited to his conversation history, with investigators also interested in the games he’s previously played, and his progress in said games.

It is unclear whether Sony cooperated with the FBI’s request, but it is highly likely considering the gaming giant has released similar data in the past in regards to a suspected terrorism case.

You can read the full search warrant here.