Despite being out for well over a year now, PUBG might finally be heading over to the PlayStation 4, giving those on the Sony console a chance to experience the OG battle royale title.

While certainly not confirmed, Twitter user @Nibellion pointed out that PUBG recently showed up on the Korean ratings board, fueling speculation that the game is indeed about to launch on PS4.

First released on PC via Steam, the game ventured over to the Xbox One as a timed exclusive and while Bluehole was in talks with Microsoft to have that extended to the “the middle of [2018] or longer,” it looks like time might be running out.

Even though many are saying PUBG is dying in the Australian space, that’s certainly not the case on a larger level. 87 million people are still jumping on for chicken dinners every day around the world.

If the battle royale title is indeed coming to PS4, we still don’t know exactly when that’ll happen, but if I had to put money on it, I’d say it’ll be towards the end of this year. The game is currently available in full release on both Xbox One and PC right now.

Image: PUBG Corp