JB Hi-Fi’s Mammoth 5-Day Sale Is Here W/ A Heap Of Shit At 50% Off, So Yes, Take My Monies

When it comes to the electronics and appliances in my life, I’m in need of an update – my cute lil’ speakers only play from one side (the harmonies don’t match and it’s very stressful), I’ve lost about 7 pairs of earphones, and I recently spilt rosé on my laptop (it literally started smoking – it’s a whole story and I’ll divulge another time).

Safe to say, JB HiFi’s mammoth 5-day frenzy sale has come at a pertinent time.

[jwplayer cRXUZOer]

The 5-day sale has already begun and features a fuckload of stock with slashed prices – some goodies are even stamped with a 50% discount.

Image: JB Hi-Fi.

You have until Monday to grab the phones, household appliances, TVs, cameras and gaming consoles at gagworthy prices. Early Chrissy presents for yourself? I think yes (treat yourself – 2019 has been a year).

Here are the most notable goodies on sale, in my humble opinion:
– PS4, $378 ($101 off)
– GoPro Hero7, $199 ($290 off)
– NutriBullet, $101.15 ($17.85 off) (LOL. Every dollar still counts, though.)
– Breville Espresso coffee machine, $399 ($300 off)
– A whole heap of Canon cameras, ranging from $115-$900 off.

Image: JB Hi-Fi.

Well, I guess it’s time to stock up on every single appliance ever. Check out the sale catalogue and website for more sale info.