Typing “Pew Pew” On An iPhone Triggers A Laser Show, So Go Annoy The Fuck Outta Yr Mates

pew pew iphone

If you’re an iPhone user looking for a new way to annoy your friends from afar, you can now type “pew pew” in iMessage to send them a laser light show, as a little treat.

In case you weren’t already aware, your handy, dandy iPhone has a plethora of fun effects that your friends will find cool for about 0.2 seconds before it becomes downright annoying. And today, the internet has finally discovered the wonderful laser light show effect that appears when you type “pew pew.”

Go on, do it.

This is your excuse to text your ex. They can’t get mad at you because they’ll be too distracted admiring the laser light show.

The laser light show effect isn’t exactly new, but many people are blissfully unaware of the multitude of effects you can add to your texts. But if you’re too lazy to actually swipe up and add the effects to your messages, there’s a couple of sneaky short cuts.

Most people are already aware that balloons will appear if you wish someone a “happy birthday” and confetti explodes when you say congratulations. You can also prompt fireworks by saying “happy new year.”

But the “pew pew” keyboard shortcut seems to have taken most of us by surprise today, so why not send it to your friends to remind them that you’re far more tech-savvy than they are?



Just a word of warning, your friends will probably get sick of this after the second or third text, so don’t overdo it if you actually want pals at the end of this isolation period.

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