Someone Just Turned A Letter From The British Government Into A Cards Against Humanity Game

cards against humanity british government

An official letter from the British government has been meme-ified online after somebody decided to type it in Helvetica Neue Bold, aka the Cards Against Humanity font.

British citizens have been receiving postal updates from the government amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including this now-viral letter outlining a “vital update from the Government.”

“This is a vital update from the Government about Coronavirus,” the letter read (before it became a meme).

Naturally, people were quick to recognise the font and busted out the Cards Against Humanity deck to spice up the message.

“That font looks familiar; shall I double check it?” Facebook user Amy Allen wrote.

In just a couple of days, the post amassed nearly 10,000 likes and 800+ shares, with many users loving Amy’s hilarious takes like:

“This is a vital update from the Tories about throwing a virgin into a volcano.”


“This is a vital update from the Government about the bees.”

But if that wasn’t enough, the letter also went viral on Reddit, prompting countless Brits to share their own take on the game including:

“This is a vital update from the Government about slapping a biscuit out of an orphan’s mouth.”

This is the world we’re living in now. The British government is providing us with Cards Against Humanity prompts.