Tom Holland Took A Break From Spoiling Shit To Unveil Spider-Man’s New Suit

Meanwhile, Tom Holland has jumped on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! to ~ officially ~ show off Spider-Man‘s new suit in a super random sketch.

[jwplayer 5jao5UgW]

It starts off with good ol’ Guillermo flying out of the gate in the Spider-Man mask and “pew, pew, pew-ing” at everyone. Then out of nowhere, Spider-Man appears wearing a goddamn orange cone over his head demanding Guillermo to give back his mask.

Conned Spider-Man and masked Guillermo proceed to “pew-pew-pew” and chase each other around Kimmel. You can 100 per cent tell the audience is like “what the fuck is going on but alright” about the whole situation but it’s all forgotten when Conned Spider-Man rips off his orange helmet to reveal the angelic face of one, Tom Holland.

The crowd goes wild, my heart bursts.

Anywhoo, Holland hopped on the show to cheekily promote the next chapter in the spidey franchise: Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

If you’ve watched Infinity War then you’ll know that Thanos decided to snap his goddamn fingers and kill almost everyone, including the innocent Peter bloody Parker. 

It’s been hinted that Far From Home will take place after Infinity War… which is interesting so Holland decided to spill the beans.

I kid.

Despite being your friendly neighbourhood Spoiler-Man in many past cases, Holland was completely tight-lipped about the film.

But, we did get a look at Spidey’s new suit so there’s that.

In Infinity War, Spidey had this really badass suit:

But now it appears that we’re going for a more classic look.

Catch the full video blow.

Just a little while ago, Holland announced filming had wrapped with an Instagram post.

Spider-Man: Far From Home also stars Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s as this film’s villain, Mysterio.

The flick is slated for release July 2019.