Sibling Chums Miranda Cosgrove & Josh Peck From ‘Drake & Josh’ Reunite

In today’s most wholesome piece of news, former TV siblings Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck have reunited for the first time in 5 years. If you haven’t ugly cried already this week, now is the time.

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The former Drake & Josh co-stars were reunited thanks to the powers of YouTube guru David Dobrik, after Dobrik DM’d Cosgrove asking if he could bring the pair together for a YouTube video. If Drake Bell wasn’t already feeling left out, he sure is now.

Cosgrove was more than happy to jump in on the scheme, and even accepted the of Dobrik’s friend’s digits and they ask her out for dinner.

The cutest moment is when Dobrik tells Peck his sister has a surprise for him, and he instantly knows that it’s lil Megan. Shout-out to Cosgrove for channelling her inner Megan and pranking Peck with a little pie-in-the-face present. Peck’s subsequent “Megan” shudder will have you realising how much you’ve missed the iconic Nickelodeon show. I think it’s time to cancel all weekend plans and binge 4 seasons and 2 films.

Drake & Josh finished up 11 years ago so, as you can imagine, it must be a pretty eerie feeling seeing your sisters all grown up after a decade.

Check out the glorious YouTube video below, and let’s pray for a future Megan & Josh series. Soz, Drake.