Tom Holland, Bless Him, Is Hosting A Massive Marvel Pub Quiz On Insta This Week

Tom Holland / Spider-Man

Marvel’s sweetheart Tom Holland is going to host [drum roll] The Massive Marvel Online Pub Quiz on Instagram this week.

Holland hopped on his laptop / desktop / something for an at-home edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live over the weekend. The Spider-Man star has been spending some of his time in iso doing pub quizzes with his mates, including Jake Gyllenhaal and the Russo Brothers. He also FaceTime’d Robert Downey Jr. the other day, and Iron Man was sat in the bath. Anyway, Holland’s going to host a massive Marvel quiz this week on his Instagram live as part of the Brother’s Trust, a charity the Holland family founded in 2017.

“The Brother’s Trust is a fundraising vehicle that we use to raise money from the general public, to feed towards charities that we feel need the light and the support. But we felt a little bit uncomfortable asking people for money at this difficult time so we as a collective have been doing the donations, ” Holland explained. “The reason why we’re doing the pub quiz is to just galvanise people and to give people a sense of community and to bring people together and just have a laugh and a good time.”

Everyone’s welcome to join the quiz, which will take place on Wednesday, 29th April 8pm UK time. That’s, uh, 5am on Thursday morning for us. But I mean, if you’re keen you’re keen.

You can find more details as they come on the Brother’s Trust IG.