The credits may have rolled on Avengers: Endgame, but the series is far from done, and there are reports this week that Marvel and Disney are planning to bring a new generation of heroes to the screen in a New Avengers film.

According to a report from MCU CosmicCaptain Marvel 2, set for release in 2022, is likely to lay the groundwork for the new film. This would occur in a similar way to how Captain America: Civil War set the stage for the events of Infinity War.

This means that Brie Larson‘s Captain Marvel may well end up leading the next crop of Avengers, which would make sense in light of Kevin Feige‘s 2019 comments about how her character will have a pivotal role in future films.

The same report claims that Spider-Man will also play a key role in the new team, and that a “fan favourite director” with ties to the web-slinger is being considered for the project.

At one point last year, it appeared that Spider-Man would be leaving the MCU all together, after rival studios Sony and Marvel found themselves in a stand-off over the rights to the character.

They eventually worked out a deal, and Tom Holland was reportedly a big part of this, meeting with key players at both studios multiple times to encourage them to sort things out.

Marvel and Disney have not officially announced New Avengers yet, so we don’t officially know if Spidey and Captain Marvel will be teaming up to save the world, or who’ll be joining them. Watch this space for more.