Tom Holland Says One Of The Spider-Men In No Way Home Had To Wear A Prosthetic Ass

tom holland spider-man andrew garfield tobey maguire fake ass

Tom Holland claimed that one of the IRL Spider-Men in Spider-Man: No Way Home had to wear a prosthetic ass for the film. All I want to know is which one of you boys was bitten by a flat assed arachnoid? Don’t be shy…

Disney’s web-slinging hero was on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night when he casually dropped it like it’s hot.

“I’ll give you a spoiler and I’m not gonna tell you who,” Tom said.

“One of us has a fake ass in our suit.”

Holland then took a sip from his bottle of water clearly knowing that he just dropped some tea.

“You can figure that out for yourselves,” he added.

“I remember being on set like, ‘Wow! Now hang on a minute, that’s not real.’”

Finally, I have a justifiable reason to post this. Don’t ask why I own this.

Okay so it’s safe to say from Tom Holland’s anecdote it isn’t him. But I personally have a sneaky suspicion Tobey Maguire is our flat-assed bandit.

Not to drag the OG Spider-Man but you just cannot convince me that Andrew Garfield doesn’t have a dummy thick pair of cheeks hanging outback. The internet agrees with me here and would be Green Gobbling that shit. The good and funny people of Twitter reckon it’s Tobey.

“Obviously Tobey? Tom and Andrew both have dump trucks so it can’t be them,” said one user.

“My bet’s on Tobey,” added another with photo evidence.

Then again Tobey could be popping his Spidussy and doing 100kg squats right now and I might not even know it.

Tom Holland also said that sharing the screen with Maguire and Garfield was “the most incredible experience of [his] career”.

He said that playing Spider-Man can be “completely life-changing” but also quite alienating when you’re 19. So he developed an almost brotherly relationship with the older Spider-Men actors.

“I was struggling to find the emotion [for this particular scene] because I’d been crying for days on end,” he recalled.

“I went up to Andrew and Tobey and I said, ‘thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of this incredible opportunity. It means the world to me.’

“And we all embraced and we all started crying. And I remember the writers sort of seeing that and like, ‘yep, that’s how we’re going to end the film.’ That’s brilliant, well done Tom.’

“And then the end of the film of us having this moment and hug.”

How cute. Now which of them had a flat ass?