The Best PrePaid Mobile Deals That Aren’t Just For Drug Dealers & Your Nan

Contributor: Joe Hanlon

Prepaid mobile plans used to be just for drug dealers and your nan; cheap plans with calls and texts and not much else. Basically, the SIM card you’d use when you didn’t want someone knowing your number.

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Well, times have changed and now prepaid plans are a legit alternative to normal BYO Phone plans. They’re cheap, you usually get a bunch of internet data, and some have other things like
international calls.

Plus, you’ll never pay excess data charges after falling asleep with Netflix streaming or shame-watching ASMR videos on YouTube. If you hit your data limit then the internet turns off until you
choose when to pay for the next top-up. Sounds good? Here are a bunch of the best deals at the moment.

This deal from Optus is about as ‘Epic’ as the name implies. You pay $9 for the SIM and the first month and 35GB of data. Then you pay the normal $30 for recharges in the next two months and get the same 35GB. After the deal ends it goes back to 10GB per month.

At this point, you can obviously stick with Optus and this plan, or you can find a new deal with someone else and jump ship. All prepaid plans are no contract, so you can take your number to any
other plan that catches your eye.

Boost Mobile has a similar deal to Optus, but it’s actually a tad better. The plan is $30 per recharge and comes with 20GB of data. But, if you sign up now you get 35GB of data with the first five

Boost Mobile has a cozy relationship with Telstra, which means Boost customers get access to Telstra’s network and the fast data speeds. Need Netflix under the stars at Uluru? Boost Mobile can
make this happen. Plus, you get unlimited international calls and texts to 20 countries including the US, UK, China, New Zealand and Japan.

Catch Connect is part of, and while that might seem like a weird place to get a prepaid phone plan from, the deals are pretty good.

This plan is 20GB for $35 per recharge, but you can snag the starter pack now for $4.90 which comes with the first month’s service. You get full use of the Optus 4G Plus network, so if you’re an Optus customer now you won’t see the difference after you switch; using Catch should be exactly the

If you’re looking for a plan with the works, then the Amaysim Unlimited $50 plan is worth a look. A prepaid recharge costs $50 and you get 40GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts, and unlimited overseas calls to 10 countries.

40GB of data may seem like a lot, but if you prefer to watch TV in room, or have a long commute to work, you will get through it. Even if you prefer to do those things on a laptop, you can put your
phone in hotspot mode and share the data.

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