I like big data and I cannot lie, and these days big data is everywhere. It’s like someone put a gun to the collective heads of Australia’s telcos and told them to do better deals, damn it, or else.

In the prepaid market, the data wars are particularly fierce, where bonus gigs are handed out like free lollipops. Here’s a look at a few of our favourite bonus data deals.

60GB for $40 from amaysim

Here’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. Until 1 October, amaysim is offering 60GB on its $40 plan indefinitely. That’s 15GB of bonus data on what’s usually a 45GB plan, for as long you choose to stick around as a customer. One might even call it an amazing deal (haha, I’m sorry, I’ll go).

amaysim plans offer service on the Optus network so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to get bars, and they’re prepaid so you can leave whenever you like.

75GB of bonus data from Optus

If you prefer to go to Optus directly for your plan, the telco is currently giving out 25GB of bonus data on the first three recharges of any Epic Data prepaid plan. And if you don’t think you can use all those gigs, don’t sweat it. Optus will let you bank up to 50GB of unused data to use later.

As well as a tonne of bonus data, the Epic prepaid plans also come with another 10GB specifically for streaming Netflix, Stan and ABC iView.

We’re not sure how long this offer will last, so if you’re keen, best to jump on it ASAP. To get all three data bonuses, you’ll need to make your first three recharges within 90 days of sign-up.

Up to 45GB of bonus data from Telstra

If you want service on Australia’s most fancy-pants network, Telstra is also currently giving out bonus data: 10GB for the first three months on its $30 prepaid plan, and 15GB of bonus data for the first three months on its $40 and $50 prepaid plans.

After the third month, 10GB on the $30 plan, 20GB on the $40 plan, and 28GB on the $50 plan. But again, if you don’t think you can use up all your bonus data in those first three months, don’t worry. With Telstra prepaid, you can bank up to 200GB of unused data, as long as you recharge every month before expiry.

To get this promo deal, you need to sign up before 28 October and make your first three recharges before 20 January.

Up to 44GB bonus data from Woolworths Mobile

The fresh food people never could resist wading in on a deal war, and are currently giving out between 15GB and 22GB of bonus data on the first two recharges of these prepaid plans. 

On top of that, they’ll also give you a bonus 10GB every three months, because why not, I guess?

Like Telstra and Optus, Woolies will let you bank unused data up to 100GB.

Jacqui Dent is Associate Editor at WhistleOut and Reviews.org. What she doesn’t know about phone plans isn’t worth knowing.

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Image: Broad City