“Unlimited” has a history of being a bit of a weasel word, especially in the telco worlds. Sure, it sounds great, but have you checked the fine print? Is there a little asterisk hiding next to it? How are you going to get screwed? 

Fortunately, none of that applies to this offer. For a limited time, amaysim is offering truly unlimited, no strings attached, all you can eat data on its top two plans. There is one slight catch, though – you’ll only get unlimited data for your first three months. But hey, that’s three months where you could download the entire internet. Well, a fucking lot of it at least. 

This offer is available to customers who jump on amaysim’s $40 or $50 plan. After your first three recharges, the plans will revert to their standard data allowances – 60GB and 80GB, respectively, which is still pretty respectable. 

Better yet, amaysim plans are contract-free, so you can always leave after your unlimited data expires and you’re done downloading everything. If you decide to stay with amaysim, it’s worth noting that its recharges are sold on a 28-day expiry. This means you’ll have to top up 13 times per year, as opposed to 12.  

There’s also good news for existing customers. If you’re already on either the $40 or $50 plan, you’ll automatically get unlimited data for your next three renewals.  

If you’re keen to get an amaysim unlimited data plan, you’ll need to sign up by January 31 next year.

Don’t need a smorgasbord of gigabytes? amaysim has also bumped up the data allowance on some of its smaller plans, too. The sweet spot is the $30 recharge which gets you 40GB, up from 30GB. All amaysim recharges have a 28-day expiry.  

Once again, to get these deals, you’ll need to sign-up before January 31 next year.  

And here’s a look at a few other SIM-only plans with at least 20GB:

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. 

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