The Cheapest NBN Plans With Unlimited Data For Unbridled Shitposting

NBN plans are not made equal. That’s just a fact. Some are super-slow and basic like the ones your nan might use. And some are super-fast, like a fantasy connection from a future world with hoverboards.

In techie-speak, the fastest NBN plans on the market are known as “NBN 100” or “Premium Speed” plans and there are a few reasons why you’d want one:

  1. You live in a large household (think share-house, four people or more)
  2. You download large files like games or (ahem) totally legal movies and TV shows
  3. You just love fast internet (who doesn’t?)

So let’s take a look at some of the cheapest and best NBN 100 plans around right now.

Cheapest NBN 100 plans with unlimited data

Vodafone has one of the cheapest and best NBN 100 plans around right now, but take that $69 (nice) per month price tag with a pinch of salt. It’s a special promo price for the first six months only, and then you’ll be paying $89 per month, which is still a pretty good deal.

Tangerine Telecom and MyRepublic are running similar deals – each provider is charging roughly $79 for the first six months of the plan, and around $89 after that. If you sign up with Vodafone or Tangerine, your plan is contract-free which means you can say sayonara after the discount ends if you feel like it. With MyRepublic, you have to commit to a 12-month contract.

Kogan and SpinTel have also got cheap deals on NBN 100 plans going, and with these plans, you’ll be paying the price you sign up with for as long as you’re willing to stick around.

The plan from Superloop is also well worth a look. While it’s not the cheapest, it does come with the highest peak speed of any of the plans on this list. That basically means your internet is less likely to slow down in the evenings when everyone on your block is online. The higher the peak speed advertised, the less likely you are to have issues.

Cheapest NBN 50 plans with unlimited data

If the NBN 100 plans look too pricey for you, your next best option is an NBN 50 plan. Plans on this speed should still be fast enough to satisfy a house of max four data-hungry internet fiends. Check them out:

This time around, Tangerine and Internode look like the cheapest plans on the block, but once again there’s a time-limit on these deals. Both providers are offering a plan for around $60 per month for your first six months only. After that, you’ll pay $69.90 with Tangerine and $79.99 with Internode. But the Tangerine plan is contract-free and the Internode plan only locks you in for a six-month contract, so you’re free to jump ship on either once the promo pricing runs out.

The SpinTel and Belong plans have the advantage of being the two cheapest fixed-price offers. And if you’re feeling iffy about signing up with a brand you don’t know, it might help to know that Belong is actually owned by Telstra, so that’s nice. The Belong plan is offered on a 12-month contract, while the SpinTel plan is contract-free.

Jacqui Dent is Associate Editor at WhistleOut and What she doesn’t know about phone plans isn’t worth knowing.

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The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

It’s the most popular NBN speed in Australia for a reason. Here are the cheapest plans available.

At PEDESTRIAN.TV, we independently choose and write about stuff we love and think you’ll froth too. We have affiliate partnerships so we might get a bit of money from any purchase you make based on our recs, cool? Cool. FYI – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.