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Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar. You’re just about to wrap up The Big Grocery Shop only for your card to be declined because your monthly phone bill has just gone through. Look, we get it. One of the pains of being an adult is dealing with your monthly bills. They just keep coming, and they don’t stop coming.

If you want to lessen the burden of the monthly bill cycle, we might have a solution for you.

Kogan, which has a range of 365-day prepaid mobile plans, is currently running an offer where you can get two of these SIM plans for the price of one. So not only can you pay off your mobile plan with a single, annual payment, but you can also split the cost with a friend, housemate or family member.

cheap phone plan

Kogan’s 365-day prepaid plans come in two sizes, either 300GB or 500GB of data that is spread over the length of the plan. Don’t worry, if you’re afraid of accidentally burning through all that data well before the year rolls over you can choose to have the data portioned out in 25GB or 40GB batches every 30 days.

In terms of cost, the annual cost of the 300GB plan will set you back $270, while the 500GB plan is $300. That’s about $22.19 and $24.66 per 30 days, respectively. If you’re perfectly splitting the plan with someone, then that cost will drop down to $135 or $150 annually, or roughly $11 and $12.33 per 30 days.

This mobile offer is a part of Kogan’s Switch Week promotion and is available until next Monday, 13 March, so you have just under a week to nab up this two-for-one deal. Kogan doesn’t do handset bundles, either, so you’ll need to BYO phone.

kogan mobile plans

On top of this mobile plan deal, Kogan is also running a few other offers across its essentials range. As part of its Switch Week deals, you can save 15% off Kogan’s travel insurance policies, two months of free pet insurance and a $50 Kogan credit if you swap to Kogan Energy. Not bhed.

You can check out Kogan’s prepaid mobile plan deals and the rest of the Switch Week offers here.

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