Motorola Confirms It’s Releasing A Folding Phone & It’s Not *Not* A RAZR

The folding phone craze is well and truly underway, folks, with Motorola confirming that it too will be launching its own variant, likely before the end of the year. If a recent patent filing is anything to go off, the company could even be looking at reviving the much-loved flip phone, the RAZR.

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Nothing’s been confirmed yet, of course, but Motorola has made it clear in an interview with Engadget that its device won’t have a screen on the outside like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X do, so that, coupled with the patent filing, could mean something RAZR-like is on the cards. You can see an image from the filing below.

“We have been testing a plastic OLED device with plastic film on top,” VP of global product, Dan Dery, told Engadget. “The fact that you’re touching [that kind of display] with your nails is scratching it. It has a short life right away, it starts dying the day you unpack it.”

“When you know the scratching issues you would be facing, you will have something that is very rapidly not usable.”

The team is clearly pretty concerned with the scratching thing, so it’s been working on solutions to this, like a single screen that could fold twice, for example.

First released back in 2005, the RAZR flip phone was incredibly popular, and easily the best phone of its time. It was thin, sleek, and just a bloody treat to use. It would make sense for Motorola to bring it back, especially given how powerful nostalgia can be, and now that foldable displays are hitting consumer devices, it’s the perfect time for a comeback.

The company usually makes its announcements around August, so you can probably expect to hear more at that point.